Why a constitution alone is not enough

New Zealand’s political culture needs to change, starting with civics education that shows young New Zealanders the difference they can make, writes Peter McKenzie.

Preserving judicial independence

A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand keeps court structures as they are, but proposes some additional safeguards for judicial independence.

NZ’s habit of big, bad law

New Zealand passes too much law, too quickly, and the Government has too much control of Parliament, argue Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler.

Why judicial oversight is nothing to fear

Granting judges a right to invalidate legislation will strengthen the rule of law while leaving lawmaking power in Parliament’s hands, argue Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler.

Should the use of urgency be restricted?

Parliament can take urgency whenever it wants, allowing it to rush new laws into force with limited consideration and public scrutiny. Sir Geoffrey Palmer explains the case for change.