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The Listener

7 May 2018 – New Zealand will become a republic, but politicians are in no rush, writes Jane Clifton. More >>

Hawkes Bay Today

8 May 2018 – Becoming a republic would require a new approach to statehood, particularly around the personal Treaty relationship between rangatira and the Crown, writes Law Professor Janet McLean. More >>


5 April 2018 – Towards Democratic Renewal, by Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler, was formally launched in Wellington today. More >>

TED Talk

12 April 2018 – After hearing 440 submissions and speaking to 3500 people, Sir Geoffrey Palmer has co-written a new book proposing a New Zealand constitution – but he’ll have to wait, reports Thomas Croskery. More >>

12 April 2018 – Last week, a United Nations committee noted concerns about the lack of constitutional protection in New Zealand for some types of human rights, including rights of Māori. Treaty and constitutional law lecturer Carwyn Jones comments. More >>


5 April 2018 – Towards Democratic Renewal, by Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler, was formally launched in Wellington today. More >>



5 April 2018 – New Zealand is not immune to the global trend towards autocracy, said former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer at the launch of Towards Democratic Renewal. More >>

5 April 2018 – Justice Minister Andrew Little offers personal support for written constitution. More >>


Radio New Zealand

27 March 2018 – Media commentator Gavin Ellis has called for more discussion about proposals to strengthen compliance with New Zealand's official information regime. More >>



25 March 2018 – Democracy seems to be losing its mojo around the world. Here in New Zealand, a written constitution would provide some protection, says Sir Geoffrey palmer. More >>

22 March 2018 – Political commentator Bryce Edwards writes about declining trust in politics and Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler's new book Towards Democratic Renewal. More >>


Media release

19 March 2018 – Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer and constitutional expert Andrew Butler have made a call for New Zealand’s democracy to be revised and improved following a year of consultation with the public over their proposed 2016 Constitution Aotearoa. More >>

18 March 2018 – The United Nations is set to scrutinise NZ's disciminatory policy on caring for disabled children – a policy that breaches the Bill of Rights Act.More >>

18 March 2018 – The Green Party will give its questions during Question Time to the Opposition to help it hold the Government, which it is a part of, to account. More >>

27 Feb 2018 – Senior courts will soon be able to advise the Government legislation is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights, reports Thomas Coughlan of Newsroom. More >>